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Botox in Omaha, NE

You probably don’t associate Botox® with dentistry. While Botox® is usually performed for cosmetic reasons, we can use it to ease oral pain or discomfort as well. Botox® is offered at our office in Omaha for both cosmetic and medical purposes.

Medical Botox®

There are several conditions that Botox® can be used for. TMJ Disorder is a common issue that causes pain and limits jaw movement. Bruxism, or the act of jaw clenching and teeth grinding, is another common condition that may require Botox®. Even migraines can be treated with the use of Botox®. This procedure will help relieve the pain and discomfort these conditions cause.

Cosmetic Botox®

Maybe you’re self-conscious about your smile lines or other pesky wrinkles. Botox® offered in Omaha, can be used to counter those too!

Whether you need relief from the pain of a tense jaw or you want to refresh your smile, a simple Botox® procedure done in our office can address these issues. If you have questions about Botox®, visit Dr. Danahay today!